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We will provide you with an immediate and dependable solution to your water storage needs.  We can handle everything from small domestic tank roofs to large commercial tank roofs.

Tanks are strong structures. However, moisture, product vapor, and cycling can all damage your tank’s fixed roof over time. To avoid a catastrophic failure, it is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of a tank’s fixed roof. Contact us if you notice roof corrosion, sagging roof plates, or other signs of roof distress. Advance Tank has built and repaired every type of tank roof available on the market. We can design, fabricate, and repair everything from large, multi-bay cone roofs to pressed dome roofs.

We design and manufacture high-performance storage tanks for leveraging operations. For maximum safety, our designs are intended to minimize vapor loss. We have you covered no matter what type of roof tank you want to design!

We offer a variety of roof options, and Industrial Panel Tanks offers a variety of solutions for new and existing storage tanks. The company’s roofing range meets a wide range of specifications, from simple debris-type roofs to full, gas-tight digester options.

All Industrial Panel Tanks roof structures are designed in-house, which means the company can provide the best solution while also controlling delivery and service demands. Suitable for new construction as well as many retrofit scenarios.

We have safe work plans and procedures in place as an industry leader in the storage tank market to handle a complex roof project. Our team is experienced in the safe removal and reconstruction of failing roofs. Industrial Panel Tank has the experience to complete your roof repair project safely, with the desired quality, on time, and within budget.

Fixed Roof Repairs



Tank Shell

Our cylindrical tank shell is made of pre-mill galvanized steel with 305g/m2 zinc coating on each side. When heavier designs are required, the sheets will be hot-dipped galvanized with a zinc coating of more than 610g/m2 on both sides. Aluminum and stainless steel tanks are available for specialized applications.

All fittings, flanges, and accessories for Industrial Panel Tanks are hot dipped galvanized as standard, with epoxy or polyester coating options available. The tank shell’s galvanized coating, combined with the options of an epoxy performance coating for applications such as potable water or polyester coatings for aesthetic requirements, ensures long durability, low maintenance, and extended life-cycle costs. If desired, color options for the epoxy or polyester coatings are available.

The coating of the tank shell on standard galvanized tank designs does not mean a reduction of the galvanized zinc coatings; the epoxy and polyester coatings are in addition to the galvanizing process.

Tank Components

To extend the life of the tank roof cover, galvanized roof purlins are kept out of the stored water. All nuts, bolts, and washers are spun galvanized coated, and structural components like top and bottom angles, wind stiffeners, and access manways are hot dipped galvanized with a zinc coating of more than 610g/m2

Roof tanks are critical parts of the oil and gas industry. Roof tanks are used by a variety of businesses to store products such as oil, gas, petroleum, water, and other non-organic liquids. The tanks are critical in ensuring the supply of fluids from the point of manufacture or storage to the end user.

Floating and fixed roof tanks have been critical in the development of a variety of industries. Petrochemicals, for example, require cost-effective and secure storage options for product development. Consider food processing and chemical factories, which require storage options to allow for reactions at various stages.

We understand how critical roof tanks are to your company. That is why Industrial Panel Tanks is committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient roof tank designs to help you achieve your business goals. Our engineers specialize in the design of full-scale fixed roof tanks, floating roof tanks, and domestic roof tanks. We design our tanks to minimize vapor loss, allowing you to avoid product loss. By creating efficient storage systems that improve your business operations, our designs contribute to your bottom line.