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Hot Dip Galvanised Panel Tanks

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Our hot-dipped galvanized bolted tanks are primarily used for storing potable water, fire protection water, crude oil, and irrigation water. Industrial Panel Tank is one of the few companies in the United States that can supply hot-dipped galvanized bolted tanks for potable water storage.

If you want to protect your equipment from corrosion, you should invest in hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing can be used in harsh environments and will provide years of maintenance-free longevity.

Corrosion Protection for Decades:

Hot dip galvanized steel water tanks are widely used in mining, residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other public facilities as storage equipment for drinking water, oil and gas, industrial liquids, wastewater, reclaimed water, and fire water. It is also appropriate for construction, geological prospecting, industry, and national defense projects that require water storage, regulating water tanks, inflatable water tanks, condensate water tanks for heating systems, and temporary water storage tanks.


Hot Dip Galvanised Benefits:

Hot Dip Galvanised Benefits:


Hot dip galvanised panel tank is less expensive than a stainless steel water tank.


Anti-corrosion; anti-rusted.


Easy to clean and manage, the drainage at the tank bottom can be easily cleaned.


Convenient Installation: For on-site installation, standardized parts are used so that materials can be brought into restricted areas for easy installation.

Because the zinc coating is typically 5 to 10 times thicker in hot dip galvanizing than in electro galvanizing, it provides significantly better corrosion resistance. Hot dip galvanized cable is the obvious choice for outdoor or caustic applications where corrosion resistance is required.

Hot dip galvanized cable can be used in any application where the cable will be exposed to natural elements or a caustic environment because it has superior corrosion resistance to electro-galvanised cable. Hot dip galvanized cable can be used for construction site fencing or perimeters, parking garages, farm and livestock facilities, and much more.

Hot dip galvanized wire rope can also be used for crane lifting and rigging, as well as with outdoor winches and pulley systems. Professional zip lines are another popular application because the cable is resistant to corrosion in moist and humid environments.

The term galvanised simply informs the end user that a corrosion-resistant coating has been applied to the steel. Suppliers, on the other hand, do not always specify whether the cable they are selling is electro-galvanised or hot dip galvanized.

Because of the more labor-intensive galvanizing process and greater resistance to rust and corrosion, hot dip galvanized products will always be more expensive than electro-galvanised products.