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Tank refurbishments are a low-cost way to repair leaks, corrosion, and bacterial growth in your tank. If repairing your tank is not an option, a replacement may be required. If you believe your tank is nearing the end of its useful life, request a free survey and a full written report.

A leaking or corroded water tank is not only inconvenient, but it could also pose a serious health risk. The Legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaires’ Disease, is known to thrive in environments where contaminants in the water supply are present.

We can inspect your water tanks and repair or refurbish tanks that are showing signs of deterioration. Different processes can be used for various tank types. Galvanized steel tanks, for example, which are frequently used to store water in loft spaces, can rust and corrode over time. This type of tank can frequently be re-coated to achieve a reseal. Other kinds of water tanks can be relined to keep them clean and free of contaminants. Water tanks must now be cleaned on a regular basis due to Health and Safety regulations.

We at Industrial Panel Tanks can provide this service. The cleaning process frequently causes the lids to become brittle or damaged, so Clarion can supply replacement lids to ensure that your water supply remains clean and free of potential contamination.

Industrial Panel Tanks assist in the protection of your tanks, the environment, and your overhead. We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective, safe, and dependable tank refurbishment services in accordance with API 653 AWWA and other National & International Standards, as well as inspection and testing services. We work with companies that store a wide range of materials in storage tanks, such as oil and gas, food and grain, and other general liquids. Tank refurbishments and repairs should not be attempted by non-specialists and should instead be left to the professional team of engineers at Global Remote, who has over a decade of industry experience.

We specialize in tank refurbishment and repair for the following industries:

When you choose refurbishment over tank replacement, you could save a significant amount of money, as water tank replacements can be very expensive. Replacing the lining and coating of water tanks is a much more cost-effective solution that will get your structure up and running in a much shorter period of time. We strive to complete our refurbishment projects with minimal disruption to those who rely on your water-retaining structures. After having a tank refurbished, you should have it inspected annually to ensure that it continues to function properly.

When your water tank fails and requires repairs, you may believe you need to replace it; however, at Industrial Panel Tanks, we believe you should always choose water tank refurbishment.

We have completed many water tank repairs and refurbishments over the years because it is a cost-effective solution that gets your tank back up and running as soon as possible. Our excellent coating system will provide you with a resistant and protective lining during water tank repairs, eliminating the need for a water tank replacement.

If you require water tank repair services, look no further than Industrial Panel Tanks. As experts in water tank maintenance and refurbishment with years of successful business, we understand that deterioration of the mastic is a common problem with your water systems. This can eventually lead to water leaking and a variety of undesirable outcomes for your water tank. Fortunately, our experts are highly trained and knowledgeable to provide you with adequate water tank repair solutions so that your water tank’s life cycle can be extended.

We also recognize that corrosion is a major issue for water tanks that have not been properly lined. As a result, if you require emergency water tank repair.

Specialist Coatings Consultancy

Our specialist coating advisers work with clients to understand their specific needs so that we can recommend the best coating solution for their application, maximizing protection while minimizing application times, and reducing downtime and costs.

On-site Technical Support

In-house application teams and contractors frequently require assistance with difficult applications. We can send our own coating specialists anywhere in the United States to provide dedicated on-site technical support.

Full Project Management

Our specialists not only work with clients to develop the best solution for their application, but we can also supervise surface preparation and provide on-site technical support to ensure the job is done correctly.